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Türkçe (turkish) İngilizce (english)
atma Atma.
atma The Self. the self ;soul.
atma The spiritual principle. soul, an integral part of Brahma present in all.
atma Universal spirit The divine Monad The seventh principle, so-called in the septenary constitution of man. another name for the Soul.
atma Inner Reality , , Soul, but also: body, spirit, senses End of the I-illusion; Self-remembrance in unity with Krishna Atma: 'the Sun of Suns, the Effulgence of Effulgences; it is the Supreme Light, the Swayamjyothi, the Self-effulgent' Atma: Unconquerable, indestructible, unlimited, the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss-wave of the ocean that is God.
atma The soul which is considered immortal.
atma the act of throwing / expelling / boosting. crosspiece. blasting. blow-up. ballistic. elimination. warp. expulsion. ejection. pulsation. rejection. launching. dropping. sling. bowing. trimming. surge. shunt. pitching. heave. casting. shooting. get.
atma cast. discharge. elimination. expulsion. fling. projection. throw. toss.
atma throwing. projectile. throwing. throw. shoot. chuck. cast. ejectment. banishment. bragging. elimination. postpone. fling. heave. heaving. hurl. inset. ouster. pelt. shy. volley.
atmaca hawk.
atmaca hawk. sparrow hawk. slingshot sapan.
atmaca sparrow hawk. goshawk. hawk.
atmak discard.
atmak axe. bung. cast. chuck. cut. dart. discard. discharge. eliminate. expel. impute. project. reject. remove. scrap. shed. shoot. shy. sling. throw. toss.
atmak draw the longbow. throw. throw away. throw into. eject. give a kick. tell lies. cashier. cast. cast away. cast off. catapult. chuck. chuck away. chuck out. dart. dash. deliver. discharge. doff. drop. elbow out. elbow smb. out. eliminate. fabricate. f.
atmasyon lie. story. big talk false. made up.
atmasyoncu liar. mendacious.
atmasyonculuk lying.
atmık semen.
atmık seed. sperm.
atmosfer atmosphere. ambience.
atmosfer atmosphere. ambience. atmospheric.
atmosfer atmosphere. aura. aureola. aureole.
atmosfer basıncı atmospheric pressure.
atmosferik atmospheric.
atmosferik atmospheric.

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