Privacy Policy

Last Update: 1/1/2017 1:43:21 AM

1- Personal Data Security Notice

Sözcük Çevir (SC) is the supervisor of the personal data you give us, and is therefore responsible for your personal data in accordance with applicable laws.
SC is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers.
The SC Privacy Policy applies to all personal information, including information gathered from or sent to us by us online or offline, including information collected through our web sites and any mobile sites, applications and other mobile interactive features. By visiting our sites and applications, you agree to the policies defined in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any terms of the Privacy Policy, please do not use our web site and applications or send any personal information.

2- Personal Information

What Personal Data Do We Keep?
'Personal Information' is information that you may authorize by your personal identification. The personal information that we store on our site and in our applications is as follows:
* Email
* User name
* Android Device Id
* Your Twitter, Google and Facebook account name
* Twitter, Google and Facebook account email address
* Your IP Address (IP Address is a number automatically assigned to the computer or device you use by your Internet Service Provider)
* Your favorite searches

How We Collect Your Personal Information

We collect your personal information in the following manner with your full acceptance of our Privacy Policy.
* with the information you entered on the relevant forms after you signed up through our website.
* Clear information from your web browser.
* From our Android app, clear information about your device and the obvious features offered by your browser.

How we use your Personal Information
We may use your personal information in the following situations.
* Privacy Policy, such as Personal Data Security, we can use to inform you of changes in site policies.
* We can use it to communicate with you individually in informative e-mails about all kinds of developments, innovations and services in SC web site and applications.
* We can use private statistics for the SC development process for information. This statistical information can only be seen by SC employees.

3- Security

We use all corporate, technical and administrative measures to keep our personal information under control. The security level is kept at the highest level, but unfortunately, no data has100% protection on the internet and data storage system could not be guaranteed. You can write us your safety concerns on our contact page.

4- Accessing, Editing and Other Options

* All information stored on SC storage systems can then be accessed from any point with internet service.
* You can not change your email address. If you want to delete your information completely, you can contact us at our contact page.
* If you do not want to be informed and informed via e-mail, you can do so by selecting the option 'I do not want to receive e-mails' at the bottom of the content that comes in your e-mail box.

5- Third Party Sites

SC does not assume responsibility for content or referral links provided on any third party sites outside of its website and applications. In addition, all content acquired through the SC can be used in third-party sites, applications, and so on. The responsibility of using it in different places belongs to the user concerned.

6- Storage of Information

We will retain your personal information during the time required to fulfill the purposes set forth in the Privacy Data Privacy Data.

7- Usage of Children to SC

Children under the age of 16 need to understand and acknowledge our privacy policy by showing it to their parents before using our sites and applications. Although we can not be responsible for determining the age of our users. If we are informed that we collect information from someone under the age of 16 without parental consent, we will be able to delete that information as soon as possible and disable that person's access to our website and applications.

8- Sensitive Information

Check that the information we collect from you is information that does not carry any sensitive information. The SC does not check the sensitivity of the user's information.

9- Updating the Privacy Statement

RS reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy. Changes to the law and developments in the site and applications may require the change of the Privacy Policy. To see when the Privacy Policy was revised, please see the 'Last Updated' date at the top of this page. Your use of our sites and applications following these amendments means you accept the updated Privacy Policy.

10- Contact Us

If you have any problems, comments or concerns about the Privacy Policy please contact us. You can use our Contact Page to reach us or contact us at