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bot A slang term originating from the word 'robot' It is used to describe a program that automates a task This could be searching the Internet for new sites to add to a database or sorting your incoming e-mail.
bot boot. boat. dinghy.
bot In MUDs, a character whose on-screen actions stem from a program rather than a real person In Internet searching, an automated search agent that explores the Internet autonomously, and reports back to the user when the search conditions have been successfully fulfilled.
bot Automated avatar or utility, usually programmed with AW SDK. botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse or sheep or human.
bot Short for Robot, but this is a special automated program designed to search the Web Search engines use bots regularly to trawl the internet for web pages and key words to store in the search engine database.
bot boot. buskin. boat. rubber boat. rubber dinghi.
bot Derived from the word 'robot,' a bot is a software program that performs repetitive functions, such as indexing information on the Internet.
bot Short for 'robot' Refers to Internet programs designed to run automatically.
bot Internet Also known as software agents, bots are 'software robots' that work for human being across computer networks, undertaking tasks such as search operations More information on bots can be found at www botspot com.
bot An automated software program that can execute certain commands when it receives a specific input The web searching bots, also known as spiders and crawlers, search the Web by retrieving a certain document and recording the information and links found on it They then generate catalogs of the sites they have searched which can later be accessed by a search engine Bots also function in chat rooms They will do things like greet people when they enter a chat room, advertise web sites or special deals, or kick people out of chat rooms with an accompanying nasty message.
bot Short for 'robot,' also known as a shopping agent, shopping bot, shopbot, etc A program or Web site that searched several sites for information for the user, such as finding the lowest price on something you want to buy. build, operate, transfer - a type of contract under which a company builds something , runs it for an agreed period and then gives it to the state The idea is that it will have made a good return on its investment in that period.
bot It is assumed that an xAIML interpreter is part of a larger application generically termed a bot, which carries the larger functional set of interaction based on xAIML This document does not constrain the specific behavior of a bot.
bot See Bots. botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse or sheep or human.
bot Short for robot, this term is often used interchangeably with 'intelligent agent ' It is a tool for sifting through data and can be tailored to perform a specific function. n A software agent found on IRC channels e g Zakim.
bot boot.
bot Bot is short for 'robot ' It is a program on an IRC-or undernet-system, which acts as a real person by accepting certain commands and responding. is an abbreviation of robot but used in a software context A bot automates acomputing function.
bot Short for infobot, robot, or knowbot; a program used to search the Internet for data.
bot Short for 'robot ' An automated program On the Internet, the most common bots are the programs, also called spiders or crawlers, that access websites and gather their content for search engine indexes.
bot Slang expression for robot, a program that runs automatically Among the uses for bots are to locate information on the World Wide Web and for the automatic collection of email addresses.
bot Board of Transportation The City agency charged with operating the subways from consolidation to the mid 50s Predecessor to the NYCTA.
bot Short for 'robot ' Describes programs, usually run on a server, that automate tasks like forwarding or sorting e-mail.
bot A program that automates mundane or repetitive tasks and runs [usually] 24 hours a day 7 days a week regardless of whether the user is logged-on Somewhat similar to an agent, bots can be used to explore the World Wide Web, retrieving a particular document, following all the hyperlinks in it and generating a catalog of the results Many search engines such as Alta Vista and InfoSeek use such bots Also referred to as a 'spider' or 'crawler '.
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botanik botanical. botany. botany bitkibilim. nebatat. botanic.
botanikçi botanist.
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