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dil language. neck. spit. tongue.
dil speech. tongue. language. speech. clapper. lingo.
dil language. tongue. promontory. point. spit. bolt of a lock. index of a balance. prominence. speech.
dil Two parallel rows of connection holes on a PCB Also, the type of connector used with this array.
dil Dataphor Interface Language An XML format for describing user interfaces independent of the platform on which they will be realized. dilate Dx diagnosis. dual in line package: simplest type of plastic package where the I/O's are found on either side of the package.
dil Dual-in-line Refers to component shape with two parallel rows of connection leads Syn: DIP. ate:.
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dil ile başlayan kelimeler
dil atlasi linguistic atlas
dil atlası linguistic atlas.
dil balığı tonguefish.
dil bilgisi grammar.
dil bilimci linguistic scientist.
dil bilimi linguistics
dil dersi language lesson
dil dökmek talk sb round/over
dil laboratuvarı language laboratory.
dil öğrenimi language learning.
dil öğrenmek pick up a language
dil öğretimi language teaching.
dil okulu language school
dil sürçmesi tongue twister.
dil tutulmasi tongue tie
dil uzatmak talk against
dilatasyon dilatation
dilbalığı sole
dilbaz eloquent
dilber belle. captivating. charming. beautiful. comely. beautiful girl. beautiful woman.
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