Türkçe İngilizce
duru lucid. clear. crystal clear. net. transparent. clean. fine. purified. uncontaminated. pearly. limpid.
duru limpid. clear. limpid berrak.
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Türkçe İngilizce
duruk static.
durula rinsing
durulama rinsing. purifying. clearing.
durulamak to rinse. to clarify. to percolate. to refine. to fine. to deposit. to clear. to clean. to settle. to purify.
durulmak to stop. to stand. to become tranquil / quiet.
durultma defecation
durultmak to clarify. to make clear.
duruluk clearness
durum capacity. case. circumstance. condition. footing. occasion. order. point. position. situation. state. status. things.
durum çubugu status bar
durum komedisi sitcom
duruma bağlı circumstantial
duruma göre as the case may be
durumda olmak be in a position to
durumlar circumstances
durumu iyi well situated
durumunda in case of sth
durun cheese it
durup dururken out of the blue. for no reason at all.
durur stops
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