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hemen directly. forthwith. immediately. instantly. quick. straightaway. at once. right now. just. nearly. almost. right away.
hemen immediate. prompt. immediately. instantly. directly. in no time. instantaneously. on the spot. anon. bang off. right of the bat. forthwith. out of hand. incontinently. in an instant. on the instant. instanter. in a jiffy. now. at once. in short order.
hemen at once. immediately. right away. right now. nearly. almost. about. as soon as. without delay. directly. forthwith. in the instant. instanter. instantly. in no time. right off. straight off. pronto. shortly. soon. straightaway. then and there. thereupon.
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hemen ile başlayan kelimeler
hemen ardından shortly after
hemen çevir Translate now
hemen gelmek supervene
hemen hemen all but.
hemen hemen aynı much the same
hemen hemen hiç scarcely
hemen önce shortly before
hemen şimdi right now
hemen sonra eftsoon
hemencecik sharpish. in no time. trice in a.
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