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sos Static Output Script files are processed once before all site pages are built The resulting HTML is accessed via the SOSText function An SOS file is a convenient and efficient way to format a set of related properties.
sos SOS A process where you tell other people about the addictions you have on them without asking them to change details.
sos The ISO 4217 currency code for the Somalian Shilling.
sos sauce. dip. gravy. seasoning. sass. condiment.
sos condiment. dressing. gravy. sauce.
sos The letters signified by the signal prescribed by the International Radiotelegraphic Convention of 1912 for use by ships in distress. an internationally recognized distress signal in radio code.
sos Single Operation System This system simplifies emergency procedures by combining the functions of the cut away and reserve handles in a single handle.
sos Standard Organizational Structure refers to the projects-based organizational structure that a 1994 directive from Corps of Engineers Headquarters required all Corps Operations Divisions nationwide to adopt. 1 Same Old Stuff 2 Help!.
sos A distress signal.
sos Service Order System.
sos sauce. gravy.
sos International distress signal The letters do not stand for anything, such as 'save our souls,' they are simply very distinctive and easy to remember in Morse code Replaced the more awkward CQD In voice communication, 'Mayday' is used instead See also Mayday, Pan. silicon on sapphire.
sos Southern Oxidants Study; SOS is a field study examining ozone and ozone precursors in the southeastern U S.
sos Special ordered set. an internationally recognized distress signal in radio code.
sos Save original sewing.
sos Short on storage A CICS condition when the amount of storage requested exceedsthe amount available.
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sos ile başlayan kelimeler
sosis banger. sausage.
sosisli containing sausage
sosisli çörek frankfurter bun
sosisli sandviç hot dog
sosyal social.
sosyal adalet social justice.
sosyal aktivite social activity
sosyal antropoloji social anthropology.
sosyal bilim social science.
sosyal bilimler social sciences.
sosyal çalışma casework
sosyal çevre social surroundings
sosyal demokrasi social democracy.
sosyal demokrat social democrat.
sosyal devlet social state.
sosyal durum status
sosyal güvenlik social security.
sosyal hayat public life.
sosyal hizmet social service
sosyal ilişki social relation.
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